It is very important in my job to stay up to date on ICD-10.  I constantly scour the web for ICD-10 news, views, opinions and developments.  I find myself consistently coming back to the same ten sites for the best information available.  I highly recommend that you click and bookmark each site and read them daily.  The knowledge you gain will hopefully help you avoid ICD-10 Tenageddon.

  1. ICD10 Watch 
  2. ICD-10 Hub Blog 
  3. ICD-10 Trainer 
  4. ICD-10 Monitor 
  5. AHIMA 
  6. HIMSS 
  7. AAPC 
  8. Fierce Healthcare 
  9. Beckers Hospital Review 
  10. Shimcode
Do you agree or disagree?  Did I forget any great ICD-10 related sites?  Please add any I should check out in the comments below.