The 10 Essential ICD-10 Sites

December 11, 2011 — 21 Comments

It is very important in my job to stay up to date on ICD-10.  I constantly scour the web for ICD-10 news, views, opinions and developments.  I find myself consistently coming back to the same ten sites for the best information available.  I highly recommend that you click and bookmark each site and read them daily.  The knowledge you gain will hopefully help you avoid ICD-10 Tenageddon.

  1. ICD10 Watch 
  2. ICD-10 Hub Blog 
  3. ICD-10 Trainer 
  4. ICD-10 Monitor 
  5. AHIMA 
  6. HIMSS 
  7. AAPC 
  8. Fierce Healthcare 
  9. Beckers Hospital Review 
  10. Shimcode
Do you agree or disagree?  Did I forget any great ICD-10 related sites?  Please add any I should check out in the comments below.
  • Margy

    Comprehensive list at your finger tips ~  Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • MayHAC Corporation

    Great list although I’m partial to Fierce Healthcare. They have such great information.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much!  I agree about Fierce Healthcare. Great stuff every day!

  • Ameyer

    I’d like to add:

    Managed by

    Madeline Angela Meyer, MSHA, MBA, CMPE,
    ABD-PhD Public Health-Epidemiology,AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Certified Trainer and 
    Michale Alan Meyer, DO, CCS, CPC, CPCI, AHIMA Approved ICD-10
    CM/PCS Certified Trainer,

    Academy of Medical Coding
    Primary website:


  • Medical Coding Student

    I also like ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals, although it’s not completely devoted to ICD-10.

    • Brad Justus

      Advance is done so very well!

  • BridgeFront

    I would have to add the CMS ICD-10 website: 

    I also have to suggest our own website,  (there are ICD-10 timelines, webinars, tips, and more). 

    • Brad Justus

      Thank you for the suggestions.

  • Clawrence

    Thanks for sharing your list.  I really like ICD10 Watch and Fierce Healthcare. 

    • Brad Justus

      Thank you! Both are great!

    • Brad

      You are welcome Clawrence.  Thank you for your feedback!

  • Beth

    Brad, The folks at TrustHCS have great information on their blog site about ICD-10 specific to training plans, budgets and the necessary handshake between HIM and CDI professionals. Check it out here:

  • Michelle Oliver

    ICD-10 Coders Academy offers online and onsite ICD-10 Training and Certification

  • gtownfunk

    Another essential site: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS 2012 & 2013 eBooks included in 12 month subscription for less than $50 and only $29 for students.

  • Madeline Angela Meyer

    Medical Coding Preparatory®,
    ICD-10-CM/PCS Training Made Easy!CD-ROM Course: Ten (10) Key Lessons, 12 Assessments and 16 CEUs Written and Facilitated by Dr. Meyer & Meyer, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Certified Trainers and Ambassadors only $150! Lesson 1: History and Development, Organizational/Structural Changes and New Features of ICD-10-CM Lesson 2: Code Formats and GEMS, Additional Organization and Structure of ICD-10-CM Lesson 3: ICD-10-CM Conventions Lesson 4: ICD-10-CM Guidelines Lesson 5: Chapters 1–5 Organization and Classification of Diseases and Disorders and Guidelines Lesson 6: Chapters 6–10 Organization and Classification of Diseases and Disorders and Guidelines Lesson 7: Chapters 11–16 Organization and Classification of Diseases and Disorders and Guidelines Lesson 8: Chapters 17–21 Organization and Classification of Diseases and Disorders and Guidelines ICD-10-CM Final AssessmentLesson 9: ICD-10 PCS StructureLesson 10: ICD-10 PCS Code Formats, Guidelines& Conventions and GEMS ICD-10-PCS Final Assessment Facilitator available 7 days a week for Q & A.

  • Kareo

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  • jack gui

    Wow !! An exhaustive list indeed.

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